GA Telematics.

Welcome to GA Telematics.

  Vodafone Automotive

Follow the instructions below to install and activate your new device


Install your device

Ensure your vehicle is in an outdoor location with good mobile phone signal and the engine is TURNED OFF

Locate the OBD port in your vehicle using the graphic below (the location of the port will vary by vehicle make & model)

Firmly plug in the device and wait at least 2 minutes whilst your device connection is verified (solid red light appears and then flashes after 2 minutes)

Make at least one trip within 72 hours of installing your device and then continue to use your car normally

Keep your device installed at all times



Within 3 days you will receive a device activation message (SMS/email)


Help with your device

If after 3 days you have not received an activation message or have received a device activation failed message you will be contacted by the Vodafone Customer Care team (or you can contact them at


Service & Maintenance

Please ensure your Telematics device is plugged in at all times - removal of your device at any time could result in a warning message and your policy being cancelled

If your vehicle is scheduled for a repair, service or MOT at a garage please notify the Vodafone Customer Care team at prior to the appointment and your device is disconnected


Register on the GA Telematics App

Download the GA Telematics app from the App Stores

  Download on App Store Get it on Google Play  

Please note - you will not be able to register in the App until 24 hours after your policy start date

Have your GA Insurance policy number handy and the email address used to buy your policy

Complete the registration process

If you are unable to register in the App please check your policy number, email address, postcode & surname are correct

For further help contact the GA Telematics team at

Warranty conditions

This product is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase, validated by receipt or activation. The warranty will be null and void if the product has been subject to tampering, incorrect installation, damage caused by falling or transport, negligence and anything else not imputable to manufacturing defects. In the event of improper installation of the device, the manufacturer shall not be liable to compensate for damages:

of any kind and direct or indirect;

to things or to persons.

To benefit from warranty coverage, contact your insurer with adequate documentation showing the date of purchase. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any faults or malfunctions of the device and/or in the electrical system of the vehicle due to incorrect installation and/or to failure to comply with the indicated technical specific actions.

Safety Information

The device is designed and installed to ensure that the distance from vehicle occupants is greater than 0.2m in order to avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields

Insurance is arranged by Aviva UK Digital Limited trading as General Accident. Registered in England No. 09766150. Registered Office: St Helen's, 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Policies are underwritten and administered by Aviva Insurance Limited. Registered in Scotland, No. 2116. Registered Office: Pitheavlis, Perth PH2 0NH. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.